Friday, February 22, 2013

Review of The Power Trip by Jackie Collins

I recently had the opportunity to review The Power Trip by Jackie Collins. I received the audiobook from Macmillan Audio.

Aleksandr Kasianenko, a Russian business tycoon, has a special birthday surprise for his girlfriend, Bianca, a famous supermodel.  He has built her a yacht, crowned it “The Bianca” and for its first voyage, Alek and Bianca invite five couples to join them on cruise through the Sea of Cortez.  The couples include movie star, Cliff Baxter and his girlfriend, Lori, who is half his age, UK football player Taye Sherwin and his interior designer wife, Ashley, Senator Hammond Patterson and his wife, Sierra, Latin singer Luca Perez and his promiscuous partner, Jeremey, and Journalist Flynn Hudson and his friend Xuan.  They are in for a vacation of a lifetime and Alek promises it will be unforgettable.

It becomes even more unforgettable when Russian mobster, Sergei Zukov, finds out that Alek is the one who arranged the murder hit on his brother five years ago.  Sergei is working with a Mexican named Cruz, who is a master pirate, in hopes of getting revenge on Alek. He, Cruz, and Cruz’s band of Somali pirates plan holding The Bianca’s guests for ransom, while Sergei has plans for Alek.

The celebrities vacationing on The Bianca are far from perfect. Alek has spared no expense and wants everything to be perfect for Bianca but even in paradise, there is trouble. Ashley is still upset about an indiscretion outside their marriage that Taye had years ago that made tabloid news.  Luca is discovering that Jeremy is not the man for him due to Jeremy’s uninhibited sexual urges outside of their relationship.  Sierra has finally had it with Hammond’s threats and sexual infidelities.  Flynn finds that he cannot escape the love that he thought broke his heart many years ago only to find that Hammand had a part in breaking him and Sierra up.  Xuan finds herself dealing with Bianca’s jealousy.   Cliff has made decision to break up with Lori after the trip but soon realizes that perhaps he is mistaken about Lori.  Meanwhile, Alek is determined to make this experience wonderful for Bianca as he plans on proposing marriage at the end of the trip.  He has no idea that he may not have the chance.

The pirates think they have an advantage over the passengers and crew of The Bianca.  Everything changes with the passengers and crew fight back. There will be deaths and there will be changed relationships. 

Jackie Collins does what she does best and there will be plenty of secrets, lies, sexual feats, and backstabbing.  The Power Trip now available in print and in audiobook.

I was not paid for this review.  Thank you to Macmillan Audio for sending me a free copy for my review.