Wednesday, May 6, 2009

My First Guest Blogger - Lana M.

For those of you who do not already know, there are three of us Lana bloggers here on Blogger(I am sure there are more, but we are the three we know so I hope that makes sense). There is Canada Lana (as I call her) at The Kids Did WHAT, Lana M. (my name pick again) at Lana’s Blog, and me here at Living It, Loving It. I was recently a guest blogger at each of their blogs and now, they will each be guest blogging here at my blog. So as not confuse you any further, here is Lana M. sharing her thoughts on marriage.
My friend, Lana, was a guest host on my blog a few days ago. Go HERE to read her post. Now I get to post on hers. So, here it goes!!


There has been a lot of talk about marriage on my friends’ blogs lately. The reason is because there has been so many getting divorces and splitting up in our small town. I’m no expert on marriage, but this summer we’ll celebrate our 30th wedding anniversary. My parents just celebrated their 52nd!! When we first got married, I know a lot of people didn’t think it would last. We are total opposites. He loves the outdoor activities and I’m an indoor person. He hunts and plays golf. I like to go to movies and surf the net. He talks ALL the time and I’m sort of a quiet person. I’m not really sure how we have gotten along all of these years. I know it takes compromise on both parts….sometimes, I think I’m the one compromising the most!!

We do have some things in common. We both are hard workers, although, he is the hardest worker I know. He has a regular job from 7 – 3, then builds fences until dark. He also has farm animals and does welding. He can do almost anything and will never admit that he can’t do something! We both love our kids and our grandkids very much and would do anything for them. We go to as many of their activities as we can. We like to go to sporting events together, like football, baseball and basketball games, especially when one of our kids or grandkids is playing. We may get to go the NCAA final four girls’ tournament next April. That will be exciting!!

This summer we plan on going to Branson for our anniversary. We are driving and staying a couple of days in Oklahoma City, then off to Branson. Neither one of us has been there, so we don’t really know what to expect. If anyone has suggestions about what we should do or see, please let me know!

The best advice I can give about making a marriage last is to not give up. There will be hard times, but if you can get through those, then you will have many more good times. I think people give up too easily and don’t want to try. They just want out. They need to think about the consequences of divorce. It affects the whole family. I know because I have family members who have gotten divorces and it’s a bad situation for everyone.

I would like to thank Lana for letting me post on her blog!!


  1. Amanda KirkpatrickMay 6, 2009 at 9:35 AM

    great post!!! so true on people just giving up!!! hopefully there will be some who read that and take it to heart--too many people want an instant fix and that just doesn't solve anything when it comes to marriages and families!!!

    i will talk to you about much fun!! you will definitely want to take a day trip up to springfield to the bass pro shop!!!! we'll talk more later!!

    thanks, superhero lana, for letting lana m. be your guest blogger today!! she is such an awesome person!!!

  2. Thanks Amanda. Lana M. did a great job stressing the importance of marriage. I am remarried and my first marriage didn't work for many reasons and I have learned that it always take two and my ex and I were not always on the same page. You learn to make better choices the second time around. It took seven years to take that big leap again, but I have learned alot and that is I absolutely enjoyed reading Lana M.'s post. Amanda - feel free to check out Lana M.'s blog at Her contact information is on her profile.

    Thanks Lana M. Great post and great job w/bringing your point across.

  3. Good post, Lana. Like I said in my post, 52 years is a loooooonng time, but it takes sticking to it thru thick and thin. Young people seem to give up too easily. You are a good daughter and I love you.

  4. Your husband sounds a lot like my fiance - he hardly sits still for long. Whereas I love to just sit and read a book for hours. I used to think that couples had to have a lot in common, and do lots of things together, but I have discovered that we can do separate things, and still be very happy. We have things in common, as well, and that makes up for the other stuff. Besides, I like my alone time, so it works. Glad to know it can work for 30 years - Congrats!

  5. Just wanted to add that I'm glad for the June Cleaver moms out there, but other than super easy recipes or great restaurants to eat in, that's the extent of my interest. I'm quite happy to NOT be a June Cleaver mom. I have never enjoyed homemaking other than decorating, which I love, but that is the extent of my creativity. I love homecooked meals, but I like them better when someone else does the cooking :) I love to shop for clothes that someone else made, too :) My best friend is a super mom and does all the creative, crafty stuff on top of volunteering and getting an education. She is amazing, but I'm happy with my much quieter and simpler life.

  6. Hey Lana!
    I came over to say Hi to Lana, and now there are 3 of I just wanted to stop by and say hi, I hope that this week is treating you right and you are well :)


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