Thursday, August 23, 2012

Review of Big Sky Mountain by Linda Lael Miller


Hutch Carmody has always been the ladies’ man in Parable, Montana.  He has also grown up a lot since losing his father and he has even made peace with his half-bother even after his brother inherited half of what he thought he was entitled to alone.  Hutch was supposed to marry Brylee Parrish and changed his mind right after Brylee walked up the aisle.

Kendra Shepard is a divorcé who wants nothing but a devoted husband and lots of children to share her love with.  She has recently adopted four year old Madison who is a reminder of her late husband, Jeffrey Chamberlain’s infidelity. Prior to Jeffrey’s death, he called Kendra to his bedside and told her about an affair and that a child was born from that affair. The child’s mother gave her up for adoption and he had set funds aside for Kendra to find her and raise her as her own.  Kendra falls in love with Madison instantly but in her own little way, she longs for more, including the love of a good man.

Kendra might have feelings for Hutch because her love for him never died.  However, Kendra tells herself that Hutch is not a family man and she does everything to get him out of her mind. Hutch may have a lot of money but he knows that money cannot buy the love of a woman like Kendra.  But, this is Parable and stranger things have happened.


Big Sky Mountain takes place at least nine months after where Big Sky Country leaves off. It is the second installment of Linda Lael Miller’s Big Sky series. Linda did an amazing job introducing the characters and connecting them to the first book in the series. 

I generally am not the type to read books about cowboys or romance and I honestly did not know what to expect.  What I did find out is that the Big Sky series isn’t necessary a series of romance novels – they are stories of finding love.  I read Big Sky Country (and reviewed it) and feel in love with Parable again – its way of life and the people.   It kind of felt like the characters were living in simpler times and I enjoyed the tranquility of that experience. 

I also liked the author’s introduction of Boone and Tara. The dynamic of the two of them leaves the reader to wonder how those two could ever fall in love but as we have found out, stranger things have happened in Parable. The author has opened up their story for her next book in the series.  I have to admit that Boone’s story made me cry even though I was upset at him for giving away his children after his wife’s death.  I hope that the author is able to redeem his character in the next installment of the series.

There is also Walker and Casey so it is possible the next storyline may focus on them. Walker Parrish is Brylee’s bother who apparently has two children with Casey Elder, a famous singer. Casey is looking to move to Parable because she is looking for a quiet place to raise her children. 

The author introduces us to a host of other characters and of all of them, Opal is my favorite. She is like Aunt Bee from The Andy Griffith Show and Alice from the Brady Bunch all in one. She is the housekeeper/cook/voice of reason that we all need in our lives.

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