Saturday, March 2, 2013

Book Review of Three Sisters by Susan Mallery

I recently had the opportunity to review Three Sisters by Susan Mallery as part of a month long blog tour for the New York Times bestselling author’s new novel, a second book in the Blackberry Island series. For more information about the blog tour and to read reviews, excerpts, Q&As and enter giveaways, CLICK HERE.  

Andi Gordon was left at the altar and resolves that it is time for her to start anew.  She relocates to Blackberry Island after purchasing one of the famous Three Sisters Queen Anne homes.  Her house is in the middle of the three homes and in desperate need of renovation. She plans on living on the second floor and making the first floor a pediatric practice.  Wade King is the handsome contractor who is working on her house and she soon finds herself falling in love with him. Andi’s new life is coming together but she finds herself holding back.  She is afraid of being jilted by love again so she attempts to be cautious until she realizes that she is missing out.

Next door lives artist Boston King.  She is married to Zeke, her college sweetheart, and she once believed that they would be married forever.  That was before they lost their infant son and catastrophe tears their happy union apart. Zeke drinks to the point of a drunken state to help him cope while Boston paints portraits of their late son.  They are both coping in their own ways but unfortunately, their coping skills are pulling them part.  Boston realizes that they must move past their loss, but she fears that they will each do that separately.

Deanna Phillips lives in the third of the Queen Anne homes. She suspects her husband Colin is having an affair and she confronts him.  Once she does this, she finds out how unhappy she is.  Her husband tells her that she is the problem and she learns that he is right.  She is trying to be the perfect wife and mother and in doing so, she has lost herself and she may lose her entire family if she does not figure how to change. 

The three women are thrown together by fate and in the beginning, they are not sure that they can be friends.  However, they soon build a strong friendship full of laughter, love and tears. They turn to one another during the toughest of times and they rejoice during the joyful moments.  They find out that fate may have made them neighbors but their love made them friends and sisters.

Three Sisters is currently available through Harlequin Books. You can purchase through Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and many other fine book retailers.

I was not paid for this review.  Thank you to Meryl L. Moss Media for sending me a free copy for my review.

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