Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Book Review of World on a String by Larry Phifer

World on a String written by Larry Phifer and beautifully illustrated by Danny Popovici. It is about a boy named Charlie who finds a balloon and it soon becomes his best friend. He absolutely loves his red balloon and sees it as the most amazing thing in the world. 

Charlie takes his balloon everywhere and he has a whole lot of fun with his balloon. But one day, the wind blows the balloon away. Charles tries to grab it but he is unable to. At first, he is shocked, then he fears for his balloon’s safety, and then, he is grief stricken.  But then he thinks back to all the good times they shared and then he starts to think about the great place that his balloon has gone.  He images it shinning like the moon and he dreams of it holding the sky up with other balloons.

This is a great children’s book! The artwork is beautiful and the story itself is uplifting. It is a great way to teach children about love and loss. It is also beautifully written in rhyme and flows nicely making it easy to read. 

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