Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Blog Tour: Review of RASPUTIN’S SHADOW By Raymond Khoury

Welcome to the October 22 Book Trib Blog Tour stop for Raymond Khoury’s Rasputin’s Shadow.

I am a new reader to Raymond Khoury and the main character of Rasputin’s Shadow, FBI agent Sean Reilly.  Rasputin’s Shadow is a thriller that takes place in two different places and timelines – present day New York City and Russia in the early 20th century. 

One winter day in 1916, a mining pit in Sibera becomes a bloodbath after miners are attacked.  To hide what has happened, Gregory Rasputin and a scientist blow up the mine to get rid of the bodies.

In present day New York, Sean Reilly is trying to figure out why Russian diplomat falls out of an apartment window to his death.  Reilly is also searching for the residents of that apartment, husband and wife, Leo and Daphne Sokolov. Moreover, the bodies are piling up in New York City and a killer is on the loose.

Sokolov is a former Russian scientist who defected and Russia is looking for him as well.  And there is also an assassin who has his own plans. The New York murders and the old Russian tragedy soon start to connect.   It also soon becomes clear that Sokolov has been living a double life and he has ties to what happened in 1916.

Raymond Khoury has an edgy but tasteful writing style. It is very interesting how the two stories in Rasputin’s Shadow connect.  Khoury is a very talented writer that keeps you on the edge of your seat with the many suspenseful twists in Rasputin’s Shadow.

About the Author: 

Raymond Khoury was born in Beirut, Lebanon and is the youngest of three children. When he was 14, civil war broke out in his birth country and his family moved the United States.  He currently resides in London with his wife and his two daughters.  His books have been translated into over 40 languages and one, The Last Templar, was made into a TV movie.  For more information on Raymond Khoury, visit the author’s website at http://raymondkhoury.com. Rasputin’s Shadow is currently available for purchase in your local bookstore and at several online retail websites. 

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