Friday, October 2, 2009

Follow Friday #5: Three Blogs I Always Make Time to Stalk

As many of you know, I am a mother, a grad student, a legal assistant, a blogger, and much, much more. I wear many hats, and I have a busy life. I am always running from one place to other and my days do not end until after my entire household has long gone to bed. One thing I manage to do, despite all this craziness, is stalk your blogs, and there are three blogs in particular I always make time to stalk.

We Are That Family. Kristen will be celebrating her second blogversary on October 22, 2009. Kristen’s family is like any other family in America; they laugh, they cry, and they deal with disasters. Here is Kristen in her own words:

Through the years, I’ve been in different conversations and either said or someone said to me, “You know THAT family?” They don’t even have to say a name usually. My mind automatically pulls up THAT family.

You know the ones.

The family that always has troubles. Something out of the ordinary is always happening and they are usually followed by disaster.

Through almost two years of blogging, Kristen has blogged about “being THAT family” (yes, you know the ones), about parenting, faith and inspiration, and just plain good stuff. Be sure to check out Kristen’s page, and become a stalker follower. Kristen always has giveaways, including this recent one where she has partnered up with Hallmark. She has posted two cards and asked her readers to leave a comment telling which card is the funniest, and they will be entered to win $60 worth of greeting cards.

Creative Blog DesignsWho Put Me in Charge of These People? Texan Mama is a full-time stay at home mother raising four children. She hasn’t quite figured out where she is a country gal or a city girl. She shares with us the craziness of her days, and despite it all, she manages to keep and have an amazing sense of humor (to our benefit, of course). Here is an excerpt from a post titled “How to Have a Relaxing Vacation.”

How to Have a Relaxing Vacation

1. Do NOT bring your children.

2. Enjoy the good libations.

3. Eat out - don't cook for yourself.

4. Leave all the bills at home or set-up auto pay or something brilliant like that.

5. Do not bring your computer with you.

6. Wear sunscreen.

7. Only pack shoes you've worn at least a few times before.

8. Stay somewhere that you aren't afraid to touch everything or leave something out of place.

9. Have some alternate activities planned besides "watch tv". Not that you have to do them, but at least you can have a back-up plan.

10. Don't watch any sexy movies unless you've brought your sexy mate along with you.

This post is a perfect example of why I make time to stalk Texan Mama’s blog.

Hope Floats. Melissa spends most of her days making her family happy. As she tells us, quite often she fails miserably. Despite dealing with Rheumatoid Arthritis and other conditions that come along with RA, she manages to start her day with a smile, tenacity, and a great sense of humor. She asks her readers to join her with ups and downs and her journey into the world.

Melissa’s sense of humor and resilience is evident in her posts. Here is an excerpt from a recent post tiled “Learned a Valuable Lesson Today…” (This is sure to be a crowd pleaser.)

You know how I've always wondered what is the correct pair of underwear to wear to the doctor? Well, I got the answer's any pair you don't mind your doctor seeing.

Which means my leopard print thong went over really well this morning. Especially when my 27 year old cutie doctor went to stick the pads to the electrical stimulation down my pants....(just typing that makes me shudder.) I'm sure he got quite the surprise when all he felt was cheek....

For more of Melissa’s stand-up comedy, go pay her a visit at Hope Floats.

Well folks, there are my three blogs I always make time to stalk. What are yours?

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  1. Hi Lana! I've given you an award on my blog for your creative photo caption:

  2. Thanks! Pretty soon the whole world will know about my!!

  3. Don't worry Melissa. I do not have that many readers.

  4. Sounds like some great blogs!


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