Thursday, June 24, 2010

DAMAGED, by Pamela Callow

Author Pamela Callow introduces us to struggling, 30-something lawyer, Kate Lange, who has just landed herself a dream job at one of Halifax’s top law firms. Thrilled with her new position at Lyon McGrath Barrett, she is assigned a new client where is a grandmother seeking custody of her disobedient teenage granddaughter whom she suspects is using drugs and hanging out with the wrong people. Kate wants to notify Child Protection but the Grandmother asks her not to because her mother is an ambitious criminal court judge hoping for a position in the Supreme Court. Three days later, the granddaughter is found brutally murdered and dismembered and Kate finds herself overwhelmed with guilt and wanting answers.

Pamela Callow’s spine-tingling thrilled DAMAGED (MIRA Books, June 2010) comes out this later this month, but next week, exclusively for readers of this blog, I will post an in-depth review of Kate Lange’s career-making case that leads Kate to a conspiracy that rocks the biomedical research field and puts her in the middle of a deadly investigation.

Visit for an exclusive sneak peek of the first five chapters.

My review we be up Monday, June 28 and you will have until Friday, July 2 at 11:59. Become a follower of this blog so that you are able to see updates for reviews and giveaway posts and opinion posts through Blogger or Google Reader. You still have until tomorrow midnight to enter the giveaway for Diane Chamberlain’s THE LIES WE TOLD.  This will be the last giveaway posted at my personal blog.From now on, all reviews will be posted here. I will, however, let you know there that new reviews are posted.

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