Saturday, March 12, 2011

Kiss My Face Lavender Moisture Hand Soap

For frequent readers of my blogs, you know how much I love using all natural products in particular because other products that contain harsh chemicals have an adverse effect on my health and my skin.  I recently had the opportunity to review a couple of all natural liquid hand soaps.  One of those was from Kiss My Face and the other was from another company and I didn’t real like that product so I am not including it in this review.  I am a big a fan of the Kiss my Face products because I know that they are well made products and I really like well made products. For example, not all swing sets are the same.  Some are cheaply made and others, in the particular, wood swing sets, are well made and well built.  The same applies to all natural soap products, some are well made and some are not.  

I reviewed the Lavender Moisture Soap and found it to be absolutely amazing. It smells great, lathers perfectly, contains no parabens, no SLS, no phthalates, and no artificial fragrances.  It is gluten free, contains no animal ingredients and is not tested on animals.  This is a great gift that would definitely be appreciated.  All Kiss My Face products are reasonably priced and you can find them at most retailers.  I have used their toothpaste, hand soaps, lotions, hair care products, and sunscreens.   You can also buy gift sets for any occasion. So when you have a chance, check out their online store.

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