Sunday, April 5, 2009

Three Mom Blogs That Keep Me Sane

I do not care whether you are a working mom, a single mom, a stay-at-home mom, or an empty nest mom, being a mom is amazing, crazy, exhausting, hair-raising, but it is the greatest journey you will ever embark upon. Sometimes, even the most patient mothers can feel like their sanity (patience, ladies) can be tested several times a day. Therefore, any time I feel like my patience has been tried as far as it could be tried, my sanity has run out or that I want to run out screaming and looking for cover, I realize that I am not alone in this journey and so I go to the internet for assurance. I visit several of the mom blogs I follow, but three in particular force me to forget the insanity in my own life and realize that insanity resides in all of our lives.

My first favorite is Oh Boy, Oh Boy, Oh Boy!, in particular because well, I have three boys too and I quite understand the weird and unusual things boys do. Unfortunately, I do not understand why, but I am not alone in that lack of understanding. Lisa has been kind enough to share her ups and downs of a being a working mother of three boys. Lisa blogs to keep herself sane, or as she puts it: “I'm a full time working mom of three boys. While its NEVER what I would have imagined for myself (I always assumed I'd have a daughter, maybe two) I love them to pieces. But it does make for a chaotic life. I'm hoping by blogging, I'll be able to preserve some of the memories that will otherwise disappear like so many of my brain cells have lately!” Yes, I understand all too well how exactly you feel. In particular, this picture perfect moment is not at all unusual at my home.

Then there is Mom2amara, who reminds us that there are “no words of wisdom here. Just one self-proclaimed extraordinary mom's rants and raves about motherhood and all the stuff that goes with it.” Darling Amara warms my heart with every word I read, but I can’t help but imagine how much different my life with be if I had a daughter. Boys are daring and don’t worry about a darn thing, but Amara seems to have the whole world on her shoulders, as noted in Amara’s mom’s recent blog post, appropriately titled “what makes a five year old nervous”. In this particular post, Amara melts my heart when she tells her mother, rather nervously, that she will be a first grader in a few months. I begin to realize that the differences between boys and girls are quite clear, but the worry a mother feels is always the same.

The last of my favorite mom blogs that keep me sane is Lana’s blog titled “The Kids Did WHAT!” Of course, one of the reasons I absolutely love her blog is she and I share the same first name. In her profile, Lana shares her views on motherhood. “Still trying to figure out what makes me "me". How is that defined? No clue. I'm 30, single mommy to two, and have a wicked imagination. I'm not a ‘strong’ writer, but am quick with witty comebacks and LOVE to make people laugh. To sum it all up? I'm just awesome. Well, that's what my son tells me, anyways! :)” Aren't we all on the same page? Half the time, Lana writes about nonsense, as do I. One post in particular that has left me laughing hysterically is her most recent Thursday 13 post - Thirteen Things I Have To Adjust To, Living At Dad's House. And the photos are priceless, particularly number 10 – killer dishes. Well, here you go folks, these are my three mom blogs that keep me sane, mostly because I realize that being a mom doesn’t require you to be sane, it just requires a sense of humor. So, what are your three favorite mom blogs that keep you sane?


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