Monday, February 10, 2014

Review of Nothing Personal by Mike Offit

A Novel of Wall Street
By Mike Offit
Thomas Dunne Books; February 11, 2014
352 pages; $25.99 U.S./$29.99 CAN.
ISBN-: 978-1-250-03542-4

Welcome to the February 10 blog tour stop for Mike Offit’s Nothing Personal

Nothing Personal takes place in the early 1980s. It is a story of a young Warren Hament who after finishing business school lands a job as a bond trader.  He rapidly rises to the top of the banking world and becomes a part of a wealthy and privileged world that is also crude and unethical. 

Everything seems to be going well for Warren until bad things start happening to people he cares about, including the murder of his mentor.  Warren does not see these events as coincidental.  He finds himself at the center of a murder investigation.  He also finds himself in control of a huge fortune due to his mentor’s death and in a relationship with a very ambitious woman who holds the key to solving the mystery.  He needs to figure out what is happening before someone else is hurt or killed.

Mike Offit uses his own experiences on Wall Street to make Warren Hament’s story believable.  In fact, Offit does a great job building suspense on the trading floor or Hament’s company and even provides a good look at how greedy and self-egocentric Wall Street is.

Mike Offit began a Wall Street real estate trading career after graduating from Brown University and obtained significant success on the Street. After his departure, he turned back to his original passion: writing. He lives in New York City.

Nothing Personal is available through Thomas Dunne Books starting February 11, 2014.  You can purchase a copy through the following book retailers:

I did not receive any compensation for this review. I did, however, receive a free copy for my review from Meryl L. Moss Media Relations, Inc.

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